Mac Miller – Diablo


El Diablo is here… Mikeys first Bar is Mac Millers – Diablo. When I first heard this beat I thought wow this is a simple beat but really hits smooth. Miller has been criticized since his KIDS mix-tape but he goes hard when he wants to and spits lyrics with a different perspective compared to a lot of main streamers. Mac started the revolution for up-coming suburban white rappers to take a chance with the microphone. KIDS was a power move, Blue Slide Park was ight but Movies With The Sound Off was a little bit of a disappointment. Mac teamed up with the Internet an upcoming alternative rock band from England who he toured Summer of 13′ with. Their performances brought a whole side of Mac Miller that I have yet to see before. All in all Mac goes in when he wants to go in and thats the final cut.

Grade: 83%, B.


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